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Price: $1495.00     
 Model #: 9000501

The new AT5K 3500 watt antenna tuner covers 15m to 160m with limited Z range on 10m with a power rating of up to 3500 watts PEP. The AT5K takes power handling to the next level over the AT4K, coming in with a rating of 3500 watts single tone continuous performance with low losses & wide Z range. Bands coverage is 160m to 15m with limited Z range on 10m. The AT5K provides balanced OUTPUT with high power 5kW TEFLON cable balun at the INPUT of the tuner circuit for excellent balanced feed antenna operation.

"Awesome 5/5 It is nearly as large as my Alpha 91B and sits on the amplifier rack. The quality is A-1 in every respect. It matches everything that I have tried. Prior to this, I had a Nye-Viking MB-IV but it did not like my Alpha-Delta Sloper on 160 or 80 meters. I have run all four amplifiers (Alpha 91B, Kenwood TL-922, Drake L4-B, and Heathkit SB-220) at 1.5KW without any problems. IMHO, you cannot buy a more robust manual tuner than the AT5K, Semper Fi - K6YE"

The American made AT5K is a unique high-power tuner in the American Ham tradition. This tuner has been nick-named the "Rock Crusher" and is fast becoming the tuner of choice among Hams who demand the best and most robust antenna tuner on the market.

The typical unbalanced tuner with a 4:1 balun at the OUTPUT exposes the balun to a wide variety of impedance and reactance that it was never designed to handle. Palstar's AT5K, like its AT4K little brother, has a T-matching network utilizing a 1:1 unbalanced-to-balanced transformer at the INPUT of the network. When the network is properly tuned, a 50 Ohm impedance will be presented both to the input and output of the balun, which allows it to properly perform its important transformation job.

Featuring a 6 position antenna selector switch, the AT5K offers forward power metering in two ranges, 300 and 3000 watts.

Inside the AT5K you'll find massive custom large-plate (600 pF) variable capacitors rated at 6 kV. This high capacitance means unsurpassed performance on 160 Meters, while specially designed non-metallic end plates allow a minimum capacitance of only 23 pF for 10 Meter tuning, unusually low for a variable capacitor this large. Equally massive is the 35 µH, 10 Amp, 7 kV, Ceramic-body inductor, which is wound with 10 Ga. plated copper wire with silver-plated wheel shaft and contact wheel.

Palstar engineering has incorporated the technology found in our popular PM2000A wattmeter into this tuner to provide dual cross-needle metering with active peak and peak hold.

Add 11 Ga. (.090" thick) iridite-treated aluminum metalwork and durable powder coated finish on the front panel and top cover, and you have the AT5K, Palstar's top of the line premium quality antenna tuner.

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