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Price: $795.00     
 Model #: 9008700

The Palstar AT2KD antenna tuner covers 6 to 160 Meters with a power rating of up to 2000 watts PEP and is identical in all respects to the AT2K except instead of three controls, the tuner features just two to tune your antenna.

The AT2KD matches dipoles, center fed doublets, Verticals, end-fed wire, delta loops, beams, Windoms, Inverted V's and an optional external 4:1 or 1:1 current balun for balanced wire feeders can be purchased during check-out.

" Palstar hit this one out of the park! 5/5 The Palstar AT2KD is the only tuner I have had wonderful results with! I've used Ameritron, MFJ and LDG Tuners, and had nothing but issues with them right out of the box! This Tuner can match my 43 FT Vertical from 160 - 6 meters with a 1:0 OR 1:1 without any reflective power whatsoever! Even when I put the juice to it the SWRs continue to stay low as well. You only use two controls to tune up,and it's so easy and quick! Best damn piece of equipment I've ever owned - KW4RP"

Featuring a 6 position antenna selector switch, the AT2KD offers forward power metering in two ranges, 300 and 3000 watts.

Also included is Palstar's Active Peak and Peak Hold dual cross-needle metering from the popular PM2000A wattmeter. Standing Wave Ratio measurements are displayed with an illuminated cross-needle meter. SWR is read directly from the meter face where the Forward and Reverse needles cross.

Add 11 Ga. (.090" thick) iridite-treated aluminum metalwork and durable powder coated finish on the front panel and top cover, and you have the AT2KD, a premium quality differential antenna tuner.

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