AT5K-HP 3500 W Antenna Tuner

AT5K-HP 3500 W Antenna Tuner

Product Details

The new AT5K-HP 3500 watt antenna tuner covers 160m to 6m with a power rating of up to 3500 watts PEP. The AT5K-HP is for Hams who already have their own power metering systems, but want the power handling of the AT5K.

The American made AT5K-HP is a unique high-power tuner in the American Ham tradition. The AT5K tuner was nick-named the "Rock Crusher" and is one of the tuners of choice among Hams who demand the best and most robust antenna tuner on the market.

The AT5K-HP features a 6 position high power ceramic antenna selector switch.

Inside the AT5K-HP you'll find massive custom large-plate (600 pF) variable capacitors rated at 6 kV. This high capacitance means unsurpassed performance on 160 Meters, while specially designed non-metallic end plates allow a minimum capacitance of only 20 pF for 6 Meter tuning, unusually low for a variable capacitor this large. Equally massive is the 28 µH, 10 Amp, 7 kV, Ceramic-body inductor, which is wound with 10 Ga. plated copper wire with silver-plated wheel shaft and contact wheel.

Add 11 Ga. (.090" thick) gold iridite-treated aluminum metalwork and durable powder coated finish on the front panel and top cover, and you have the AT5K-HP, Palstar's top of the line premium quality antenna tuner.

Download:   AT5K-HP Manual

Output Power: 3500 Watts single tone continuous, low tuner losses, and wide Z range
HF Bands: 160m to 6m
Tuning: Three controls
Antenna switching: 10 Amp RF 6 position mode switch for multiple antennas
Capacitor: custom large plate variable capacitors; 600pF@6 kV
Roller inductor: 10 Amp 7kV ceramic 3.25" body roller inductor (28µH) wound with 10 Ga. plated solid copper wire, and silver-plated inductor wheel shaft and contact wheel
Impedance: matching range 10 Ohms to 2000 Ohms
Output: Three unbalanced antennas activated by front panel switch
Chassis: .090 ga. aluminium gold iridite coated
Top cover: .090 ga. aluminium powder coated
Front cover: .090 ga. aluminium powder coated
Dimensions: 16" wide x 6.25" high x 16" deep
Shipping weight: 20 lbs
Warranty: One year