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R30 Shortwave Receiver

From: Stefan Guzikowski
Sent: Wednesday, July 11, 2012 11:24 AM
Subject: R30A

I learned about Palstar via Internet and purchased it at www.hamradio.co.uk (ML&S).

I have started using the R30A portable with a gel cell and a G Whip Receive Antenna (www.gwhip.co.uk).

All I can say from my 35 years of experience as ham and professional is that I know quality when I see it and feel it.

It is easy to understand that this fantastic little receiver will provide me with years of listening pleasure.

Your team is great!

Thank you,

Stefan Guzikowski
"Simple is better"

Re: R30 Shortwave Receiver
Hi Paul and Hi Girls!

Well it's been almost three years since I purchased my R30 and I just wanted to tell everyone how happy I've been with this receiver. Boy! I love this thing.

It has NOT disapointed me once. Everything is still working great and tuning with the analog meter...well "howwwww sweet it is." It's right there, every time.

In a time where blinking lights, lots of buttons and jumbo LCD's seem to rule the day, apparently there really is no substitute for great engineering and assembly. Palstar does all these to an exceptional degree. A properly designed, manufactured and tested radio really doesn't need all the DSP, notching and bandpass hoop-la which seems to be the standard fare today. There just is no substitute for rock, solid core design.

Again, wonderful radio, top-notch manufacturing and above all...honesty! I hope all is well with you and yours and that Palstar is safe and sound

Kind regards,
Scott James

Re: R30 Shortwave Receiver
Dear Sirs:

Thank you for making the only very high quality, compact, and low cost MW/HF receiver! From what I've heard - especially for low-interference and relatively weak-signal-strength locations like mine in northern NM - it is the best receiver for under $2000...

Thanks again for an outstanding, unique, and innovative receiver!...

John Evensta

Re: R30 Shortwave Receiver
Thanks Paul!

The receiver is wonderful. The selectivity with the collins filter is nothing short of remarkable and with no PBT, no B/W adjustments at all, between the excellent dynamic range and lack of leakage through the filter (plus what must be a close to ideal shape factor) I can honestly say the R30 equals the SSB performance of my 756 Pro II...and in a wonderfully small and attractive enclosure that seems rugged enough to drive a vehicle over.

Nice design work. I think I am going to buy the [AA30] active antenna next then probably the big tuner [AT4K]. When one finds a quality manufacturer, well, it is kind of ridiculous to purchase inferior products again.


Re: R30 Shortwave Receiver

I recently purchased an R30 and have been enjoying it immensely. The build quality is good, audio quality is excellent with an outboard speaker. Sensitivity is also excellent. It's nice to see that there are still some quality products made here in the 'ole USA! I'm in the process of beginning an R30 discussion group on yahoogroups.com, and would appreciate any input to help it become successful. Congratulations on building an excellent product and I look forward to many a happy hour DXing with it!

Best wishes,
Gary Wilt in NJ

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ZM30 Antenna Analyzer

Sent: Monday, August 24, 2009 6:49 PM
Subject: Palstar ZM-30

Just wanted to pass a note of praise for this unit! Mine arrived today from R&L [www.randl.com] and was up and analyzing my antennas in about 5 minutes (had to install batteries, etc.). What a revelation! It even found a problem with one of the cables in the shack! So easy to use as well. Very intuitive interface, smooth controls, etc. Congrats on a wonderful product! Glad I didn't get lulled into buying the "low-priced" unit.

73 to all at Command,


Re: ZM30 Antenna Analyzer
Hello All at Palstar,

I just wanted to follow up with you and first say how pleased I am with the antenna analyser. I use it to tune my screwdriver antennas and others as well. Second topic was my handling of the shipping mix up with USPS and my invoice, It just goes to show you how quality of product and service is reflective of the people who run the operation. Mr Kovacs was more than happy to address my concerns and rectify the mix up. I enjoyed talking with all of you and look forward to seeing you in Dayton this year. Again my thanks to all of you and before I forget I wanted to mention that what led me to purchasing from Palstar was the horrible experience I had with a borrowed "........" analyser and from what I gather the owner of that "........" analyser has sent his analyser to "........" with horrible customer service thus far. Keep up your business ethics and continued success to you.

Mark Vrkljan CD1
Edmonton, AB

Re: ZM30 Antenna Analyzer
Dear Pete:

Thanks for everything. I receive the ZM30 at 07/18/2005 and it's really a superb device. Good handling and easy to use too (good and easy instruction manual). I also like the extra adapters such as the balanced transformer, calibrate resistors, etc...and again, Pete, your service and ordering help are outstanding!!!

A very happy amateur PA3GPP.

Many greetings,
Klaas van der Lingen

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