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Re: My new AT4K

The tuner arrived the same day I called you. This is what I think of it. My first tuner way back when was a Murch and it was an excellent tuner even though it didn't have the metering. I was inactive for 14 years than when I became active again two years ago I sold the Murch and acquired a MFJ 989-C...my next tuner was a used Tucker 3000(Vectronics HT1500)...my next one was an Ameritron ATR 30...I sold it after not quite 4 months of use. I was undecided which tuner to buy, the Nye viking or the Palstar AT4K. After reading the reviews of the AT4k on eHam.net I decided to go with the AT4k.

After just a few days use I can tell you I am totally and completely thrilled and tickled to death with my new AT4K. It tunes everything I throw at it. For the first time I was able to get a flat SWR on 160 meters using a variation of 132 FT. Carolina Windom. The tuner works very smoothly and is good in appearance. The internal compnents are top notch quality. The tuner as a whole is #1 in my book and I look forward to many years of operating with the AT4K. I haven't applied high power yet for my amp -- it needs a little repair -- but I am 100% positive it will do the job in that area also.

I just wish I would have visited you website sooner as I would have ordered your watt/SWR meter also instead of the one I just purchased. After I have used it for a few weeks I will post a review on eHam.net giving nothing but a very positive review.

Neil Hood -- WA4NRQ

Re: AT4K
Dear Palstar,

Just hooked up my new AT4K and we are having ice and rain storms here in Traverse City, MI. Anyway, the tuner performs great...The AT4K was able to tune one of my antennas (a ground feed sloper) for 80 meter phone which...[two other tuners]...were not able to match. 37 countries this last weekend on 80 phone with that antenna and your tuner. Thank you and your staff very much!!!

Jeffrey Peters K9JP

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Big-Beefy-Beautiful... itz the AT5K super tuner!

By James Murphy (WV4R) [originally on eHam.net]


After a couple months of On-Air evaluation, I want to add my two-cents regarding my recent AT5K Direct Factory Purchase from PALSTAR.

First off, I talked at length to Paul, the owner of PALSTAR, regarding my interest in his products. Paul is very customer-oriented and he went the distance to be sure he understood my needs & which unit would suit my operating style best. Paul is the First reason I purchased my AT5K because if I do not believe in the seller I am not motivated to purchase. I settled on the AT5K unit because of my interest in 160m this winter & the AT5K is the top of the line in low frequency matching.

After ordering directly from PALSTAR, I was advised on the manufacturing date & the ship date. The unit arrived within the promised time. The shipping container was special contoured foam, which totally protected the unit, which arrived unblemished.

Owner Manual is very thorough & very user friendly.

The exterior is cosmetically attractive with a heavy cabinet and super finish. Even the machine screws match the unit.

Once I installed the operating unit, I began appreciating the features/benefits of such a high dollar antenna tuner. EVERYTHING is uncompromising quality & the beefiest size for any continuous-duty legal limit uses. virtually ONE to ONE everywhere!

Power Meter is Two-needle, backlit. Unit features Average-Peak-Peak Hold functions & very accurate when directly compared to my trusty old Bird meter. Meter requires supplied 12vdc or can be run off your supply. The meter alone is well worth $250. Paul told me the accuracy is achieved by using two-transformer design. All I know is that it works great!

Antenna Switch is a big, tough, switch for TWO antenna systems Thru/Direct with Bypass which is very convenient for a dummy load hookup. The antenna switch alone is well worth $200.

A very heavy-duty 12vdc open-frame relay switches for true BALANCED LINE use.

A whisper-quiet 12vdc Fan can be switched ON from front panel if you run the max into a bad match. shame on you.

OK. I had to Look INSIDE before I installed the unit to be Sure nothing was mucked up in shipping. Engineering, Materials, Design, Construction is beauty to behold. From the machine screws securing the cabinet/chassis to the look & feel of the massive ceramic/silver plated rotary inductor AT5K rules. The layout was picture-perfect. There was not even a finger print on the inside. If I closed my eyes & dreamed of the ideal Look of a tuner, this would be my dream after over forty-six years of hammy radio.

Tuning is very predictable with the smooth tuning controls/counter. Make a chart; you will always be in the ballpark.

Customer service. well I did have a minor adjustment. Paul sent out over-nighted the part INCLUDING the TOOL to remove/replace the part myself saving potential reshipping nightmares. In twenty minutes, his expert instruction put me on the air. This is world-class customer service.

Some hammy radio guys might see the AT5K as a bit pricey but I challenge anyone to homebrew the design, materials, workmanship, features & benefits for the factory-delivered cost.

Looks, Function, Capability, Materials, Finish, Service truly earns my AT5K the FIVE STAR rating from WV4R.

73 es God bless, Murf.

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