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The Palstar SP30H CAMO is a Special Edition Wounded Warriors® version of our SP30H speaker. A portion of the proceeds from every sale will go directly to support the non-profit work of Wounded Warriors® to "help thousands of injured warriors returning from the battlefield and help provide assistance to their families."

We are featuring five different CAMO patterns including the NWU-3 camouflage pattern (as pictured), and to be released at a future date: Woodland Military Camo, Desert Tiger Stripe, MARPAT Winter, and Forest Hunter.

The first SP30H CAMO Special Edition features five camouflage styles. The NWU Type III camouflage, which is the U.S. Navy Working Uniform NWU-3 digital camouflage and was intended primarily for Navy Special Operations like those of the Navy SEALs. The USN has also indicated that NWU-3 may be worn by Navy personnel engaged in shore-based ops.

The US m81 "Woodland" camouflage pattern introduced in 1981, but derived from the original m1948 ERDL pattern. The m81 woodland pattern has been duplicated and modified for service with military forces around the world and continues to be worn by the armed forces to this present day.

Military "Desert Tiger Stripe" camo was used in Afghanistan and Iraq. In Operation Iraqi Freedom (2003-2011) and Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan (2001-2014), American Special Forces personnel were documented using Desert Tiger Stripe pattern camouflage uniforms. Originally developed by Tiger Stripe Products in the USA, it features horizontal stripes of dark brown, golden brown & beige on a sandy background. The geography of Iraq includes large desert plains as well as rugged mountainous regions and the Tigris and Euphrates rivers located in centeral Iraq. Afghanistan is a mixture of rugged, inhospitable mountainous regions, fertile regions located near the Anu Dar'ya River, and desert in the south.

"Digital camouflage" as it is known today is designed using computer algorithms and intentionally incorporates pixelated shapes, replacing traditional camouflage. The origin is often cited as pioneered by the Canadian government in 1996. MARPAT camouflage was adopted by the Marines in 2001, and again in 2005, after statistical evidence found that digital camouflage could more effectively conceal a target than traditional camouflage. The USMC developed its own digital camouflage pattern that came to be known as MARPAT (Marine Pattern). Featured here is the MARPAT Winter camouflage.

Forest Hunter camouflage is a form of camouflage used in a civilian context by hunters. The design uses a realistic camouflage with oak trees, branches, and leaves to conceal hunters from their prey in the forests of North America.

The Palstar SP30H is a custom engineered speaker designed to match the sonic characteristics of the human voice. The "H" stands for both high quality and high power, because the SP30H can handle a maximum 20 Watts RMS of audio power, and measuring 11" wide X 8-1/4" high X 10" deep.

The 6-1/2" speaker is optimized for 45Hz to 8kHz, perfect for communications intelligibility, and features a massive 11.6 oz magnet.

Now included with the SP30H is a high quality 6' cable with gold-plated wire terminal and 3.5mm connectors to replace the 3.5mm plug on the back panel.

alstar speakers feature hand-made wooden cabinets made from 9-ply Birch crafted for our speakers and "Made in the USA" by local Ohio cabinet makers. They are available in black or cherry.

The SP30H takes communications speakers quality to the next level featuring the richness of a visually satisifying hand-made wooden cabinet and clear sound to your listening experience.