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Output Power: 2 to 20 Watts
HF Bands: 80m 3.5-4.0 MHz
40m 7.0-7.3 MHz
20m 14.0-14.35 MHz
17m 18.0-18.16 MHz
15m 21.0-21.45 MHz
Tuning control: Fine: 10 Hz steps with main tuning knob;

Coarse: 25 kHz per turn of main tuning knob;
Display: TFT color touch screen
Outputs: Two S0-239 (UHF) Female for A and B antenna
Operating Voltage (DC Power Input): +10.0 to +16.0 VDC (+13.8 VDC -28%/+16%)
Operating Temperature Range 0 to +50 °C (in typical SSB or CW operation)
Power consumption 5 Watts Receive (0.36A @ +13.8 VDC);

50 Watts Transmit (3.6A @ +13.8 VDC);
DC Power Input Protection Negative Ground with zero drop reverse voltage blocking 18 Volt TVS transient protection
Mode LSB, USB, and CW
VFO (non-synthesized) Dual (A and B) phase locked to DDS
Frequency Accuracy +/- 10 ppm
Frequency Stability +/- 10 ppm
Step Tuning Default: 5 kHz;
Optional: User defined in Setup Screen;
Antenna Connections Two SO-239 (UHF) Female for A and B antenna
Receiver Type Single conversion superheterodyne
Intermediate Frequency 9 MHz with Pivnichny crystal band-pass filters;
8 pole primary IF filter;
3 pole SSB or CW post IF filter;
Sensitivity (CW Mode) Better than 0.25 μV
Receiver Input IP3 +18 dBm
Selectivity SSB 2500 Hz (-6 dB);
CW 800 Hz (-6 dB);
Image, IF and Spurious Rejection > 70 dB
Audio Output (speaker) 3 Watts, 1% THD into 8 Ohm resistive load
Audio Output (auxiliary) Headphones: 32 Ohm Stereo or Mono 1/4";
Auxiliary: 600 Ohm Stereo or Mono 3.5mm;
Spurious Emissions -60 dB or greater
Carrier Suppression -50 dB or greater
Unwanted sideband -50 dB or greater
Microphone Input Zin = 500kΩ;
Level = -54 dBV nominal;
Chassis: .090 ga. aluminium iridite coated
Top cover: .090 ga. aluminium iridite coated
Dimensions: 4.25" wide x 7.75" high x 9.75" deep
Shipping weight: TBA
Warranty: One year

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