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Price: $395.95     
 Model #: 9002300

The MW550P is an active preselector and antenna matching unit for AM broadcast and 160 m reception. The MW550P will match any antenna (eg. random wire, beverage etc.) to 50 Ohms across the broadcast band. The selectivity can be varied by adjusting the antenna coupling and a 4 kHz bandwidth is achievable.

"Palstar Quality 5/5 This is a perfect companion to my AY Technologies K9AY Loops and controller - BCB DX-ing and 160M and 80M reception has never been better for me! I use a Palstar R30 for BCB and SWL-ing, and an Orion for low band DX-ing. This winter I will also add a couple of Beverages, and I know that the MW550P will handle these as well as it does the K9AY loops - KY6R" Read more on

Add 11 Ga. (.090" thick) iridite-treated aluminum metalwork and durable powder coated finish on the front panel and top cover, and you have the MW550P, a unique premium quality medium wave active preselector and antenna tuner.

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