HF-AUTO-R & HF-AUTO PC Board Compatibility Issue:

The HF-AUTO-R can only be operated with HF-AUTO autotuner base models built with PC Board PN#7502602. Earlier HF-AUTO autotuners with PC Board PN#7502601 must be sent back to the factory for upgrades by the Palstar technical service department for use with the HF-AUTO-R. Please see the images below, which indicate which PC Board will function correctly with the HF-AUTO-R.
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The remote tuner software must be loaded into the remote HF-AUTO tuner (base model) that is connected to an antenna. This unit will display version number 2.30 on powering up. The display after showing the version will display the normal HF-AUTO screen and will be able to operate even if not connected to the HF-AUTO-R remote unit.

The remote control software must be loaded into the HF-AUTO-R remote control unit that is powered by 110 VAC with the only other connection being the RS232 connection. When first powered on, the HF-AUTO-R remote unit will display its version number ending with an "R" ( 2.30R ). If the RS232 is connected and the remote HF-AUTO tuner (base unit) is powered on, then the second line will also display the version number of the remote HF-AUTO tuner (base unit). If the RS232 is not connected, the HF-AUTO-R remote control unit's initial display will time out to a "No Data" display. This "No Data" display will not appear on the remote HF-AUTO tuner (base unit). If one or both of the units are programmed with the wrong software, then the system operation will not be correct.