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Price: $149.95     
 Model #: 9000000

The Palstar AA30 Active Antenna is designed for the avid SWL who is unable to put up an outdoor antenna.

"Works just fine 5/5 Got one from a SWL, a few years ago, for some odd and unexplained reasons had two front knobs missing. Otherwise, in excellent condition and in good working order, found some replacement knobs and it works great adding a little more to the weaker signals

Utilizing the built in whip antenna or an external wire, the AA30’s pre-amplifier circuit provides from –10 to +15 dB of gain over a frequency range of 300kHz to 30mHz.

A varactor-tuned pre-selector with 6 band ranges prevents strong out-of-band signals from overloading the pre-amplifier. Rear switch can select either wall transformer input or a 9V internal heavy duty battery. As on all Palstar tuners the front panel and top cover are powdercoated.

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